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Video Shows Three Men Ride Motorbikes Onto Subway at Midtown Station

The first two men walk and shuffle their bikes into one subway car before likely running out of room — forcing the third man to hit the throttle and nearly hit a passenger before riding into the next car

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Sometime, apparently your ride even needs a lift.

Video showing three men riding motorbikes and boarding a train in midtown has gone viral, and has now led to an NYPD investigation.

The video was taken on December 11 of last year, but was making the rounds on social media over the weekend. The men are seen on their motorcycles at the Rockefeller Center subway station's platform with a subway waiting.

The first man boards the uptown F train, walking his vehicle into the doorway. The second man, wearing a Yankees backpack, then follows him in as he shuffles inside.

After apparently running out of room in that train car (unsurprising, given that cars can get crowded just with a bicycle or even two baby strollers), the third rider hits the throttle, jolting him forward quickly — and nearly into a passenger.

He apologizes, then rides his motorbike into the next subway car. It's something that even New Yorkers say is out of the ordinary — with "absurd" being the common wording use to describe the whole incident.

It's unclear who the riders are or where they got out, but the NYPD is reviewing the video as a part of their investigation.

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