Video of Cops Stuffing Cash in Pockets an Internet Hit

A video of NYPD officers grabbing cash and stuffing it in their pockets during a gambling bust on Staten Island has become an Internet hit.

The video is from a Nov. 14, 2007, raid on Beer Goggles, a bar in Staten Island. A bald officer is seen counting cash before giving to other officers. Three different officers are seen taking some of the money and putting it his pocket before handing the wad of cash to another officer.

No official judgment has been made on whether the officers seen on the tape were doing anything criminal, but they told their superiors things were done according to procedure, according to the New York Post.

The police reported confiscating approximately $700 and arrested three workers for promoting gambling at the bar.

The surveillance tape popped up on YouTube under the headline "NYPD corruption at its best." The video was first screened at a separate departmental trial for Sgt. William Lewis. Many of the police actions were led by Lewis, a 24-year veteran.

The Internal Affairs Bureau investigated Lewis for five months before suspending him and leveling corruption charges in March.

Several cops from the raiding party testified against him. No decision has yet been reached.

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