Video Captures Large Crash at NYC Bike Race

Seven riders were reportedly taken to the hospital after the crash

A stalled motorcycle caused a large pile-up near the start of the last event of the Red Hook Criterium bike race in Brooklyn Saturday night, according to video of the crash.

The video shows a pacer motorcycle stall in the path of the race soon after the bikers took off. The motorcyclist looks back, but does not dismount from his bike while cyclists swerve to avoid him.

One of the racers then hits the motorcyclist, crashing to the ground and causing what appears to be dozens of cyclists to hit the pavement.

According to Gothamist, seven riders were taken to an area hospital after the crash. The worst injury was reportedly a broken arm. 

The Red Hook Criterium has been raced in Brooklyn since 2008. Bikers in the race pedal fixed-gear bikes around a brakeless track, according to the race's website. 

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