Pool Prodigy Wows Crowds

Rack 'em up and 2-year-old knocks 'em down

Move over "Fast Eddie" Felson, there's a new pool shark in town and he needs a booster seat.

An upstate New York  two-year-old is wowing crowds with his uncanny billiards skills and is being tapped as a pool prodigy, the New York Daily News reported.

Keith O'Dell Jr., from Johnstown, N.Y., has been called the Tiger Woods of pool after impressing the pros at the American Pool Association's championship in Las Vegas last month.

The little pool shark learned how to play on a mini pool table, but recently moved up to a regulation table. However, the little guy needs to stand on a chair to reach the balls.

2-Year-Old Pool Prodigy

Keith Jr., dubbed the "Littlest Sniper," learned how to play by watching his father Keith Sr. shoot about 200 racks a night. The O'Dells had no expectations when they bought the pool table and they were surprised when little Keith began knocking down balls on Christmas morning.

O'Dell Jr. may not be potty trained, but his videos have been a You tube hit and he already got his own Web site, www.poolprodigy.com. He is scheduled to appear on the Rachel Ray show in July.

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