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Upstate Man Arrested for Allegedly Aiding Molotov Cocktail Suspect Before Attack on NYPD

Federal prosecutors say Timothy Amerman supplied Samantha Shader with the resources to make a Molotov cocktail used against police in New York City

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Police arrested a man from upstate New York for allegedly providing supplies used to create a Molotov cocktail thrown at police on May 29.

Authorities said Timothy Amerman, 29, admitted to giving Samatha Shader and her sisters supplies, including glass bottles, that were eventually used against police at protests in New York City.

Shader, 27, has been accused of chucking a Molotov cocktail at an NYPD vehicle that was occupied by four police officers. The FBI says it shattered two windows of an NYPD vehicle and damaged the vehicle while officers were inside.

In police interviews, Shader has allegedly admitted to possessing and throwing the incendiary device, but denied constructing it. She said she was given the bottle by a man, who was in a group with one other man and woman.

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Law enforcement officials tasked with searching Shader's vehicle found a note: "I found a few more glass bottle Than I thought I had, Thought still not many. I'm giving you my mask in hopes That helps. Wish I had more. There's also a bag in here for you. BE SAFE. Please. Really[.] Good Luck, Love Tim."

Authorities delivered finger prints from the note to the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, where the prints were matched to Timothy Amerman.

According to the investigators, Amerman agreed to interviews on July 2 and 3. He allegedly told authorities he declined Shader's invite to join her in protests in New York City but agreed to provide Shader with bottles at her request.

Amerman says he wrote the note to Shader and her sister, which he included in a bag containing two cans of paint, masks, rope, plastic baggies and marijuana. He left the bag outside next to a recycling bin containing glass bottles.

Shader and sister arrived at Amerman's Saugerties residence and retrieved several glass bottles from the recycling bin, according to Amerman's account. His description of the bottles taken from the bin matched those found at the scene of the Molotov cocktail attack in Brooklyn, officials reported.

Amerman told investigators he believed Shader planned to throw the bottles at police, but he didn't think she would use the bottles to create Molotov cocktails. He did admit to giving Shader $10 for gas.

He was charged by federal prosecutors for civil disorder and civil disorder conspiracy. If convicted, Amerman faces up to 10 years in prison. Attorney information for Amerman was not immediately available.

Amerman was detained after his first court appearance in Albany Saturday afternoon and is scheduled to return Monday for a hearing to remove him to Brooklyn, the federal prosecutor's office said.

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