Loud Boom on Upper East Side Startles Residents

A manhole explosion on the Upper East Side startled residents Tuesday evening.

People reported hearing a loud boom near York Avenue, in the lower East 70s.

"Uhhh... did anyone else just hear a loud boom and feel the building shake? On the UES. Now there are sirens. What's happening?" tweeted McKell Forbes. 

"Yes, over by 74th & 1st," replied Anthony Mangia. 

The FNDY says there were no injuries when a manhole exploded near the middle of the 400 block of East 74th Street just before 6 p.m.

There was also no loss of power.

The manhole cover was still intact for the most part, with just some steam coming out. The road is closed to vehicle traffic at East 74th Street and First Avenue, though pedestrians were being allowed through. 

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