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Phones, Keys and Sweet Potato Care Packages: Uber ‘Lost and Found Index' Shows What Riders Are Leaving Behind

Sundays see the highest spike in lost wedding dresses, Uber says

The most forgetful American Uber users are found on either coast, the company said Wednesday, and they leave behind some weird things. 

Los Angeles and New York City are the two most forgetful cities in North America, according to the ride-sharing company's "Lost and Found Index," a catalog of commonly forgotten items found in its cars and SUVS announced as Uber rolls out a new tool for recovering lost belongings.

Phones, rings and keys are what people most commonly leave behind, but Uber also gave a look in a news release at some of the most surprising items left in its vehicles.

One rider got out of an Uber without their sweet potato care package. Others left behind valuable Nordic walking poles, an elf cut-out and a violin, the company's release said, without getting into detail.

 According to a new study released by AAA, most people still feel afraid to ride in a self-driving vehicle.

The index also shows that items are most commonly reported lost on Sunday, Saturday and Friday, in that order, and the day before Halloween, October 30, ranks as the "most forgetful day in 2016."

Uber even went as far as looking into the frequency that some lost items were reported missing, and when they’re most likely to be reported.

For example, Sundays see the highest spike in lost wedding dresses, while Saturdays hold the crown for the biggest spike in lost plane tickets. On Tuesdays, Uber's data shows a lost swimsuits making the biggest wave.

Uber rolled out the data as it announced a new feature on its app that allows users to retrieve their lost items. Users can click "help" on the app's menu and select "report an issue with this trip." From there, they can contact their driver directly to arrange a time and place to pick up whatever's been left behind.

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