New York

Uber Driver Arrested for Impersonating Federal Officer: Police

A federal-corrections-officer-turned-Uber-driver was arrested near the Holland Tunnel for trying to impersonate a federal officer, police said.

Andrew Kessler, of Queens, was pulled over in Jersey City after a Port Authority police officer saw him using a cell phone while driving. When the officer asked for his license, Kessler handed over a Federal Bureau of Prisons ID card with his photo and badge, according to police.

Kessler, 36, used to work as a federal corrections officer, but was arrested last year after illegally collecting nearly $14,000 in unemployment benefits while working full-time at a downtown jail, the New York Post reported

Kessler was arrested after the officer determined the ID to be fake. A pair of handcuffs was found inside his Volkswagen during the arrest, according to police. 

In a comment to NBC 4 New York, Uber said it has removed Kessler's access to Uber for the time being. The company said he has a valid NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission license.

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