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Two Women, Police Officer Attacked By ‘Aggressive' Dogs on Long Island

A 24-year-old victim was bit in the leg just a short while before the two dogs, who those in the neighborhood didn't recognize, attacked a 78-year-old woman taking out the garbage

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Two women were bit by dogs that got loose on Long Island Monday morning, with one attacking an officer who had come to help, police said.

Multiple people in Wyandach called 911 about the loose dogs before 7 a.m., which is when the first woman was attacked. The 24-year-old victim was bit in the leg and later treated for her injuries at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center. As police were searching for the dogs, another attack occurred.

The second incident happened just after 8 a.m., along Ridge Road in Wheatley Heights. There, a 78-year-old woman was bit several times on the calf by one of the canines, screaming for her life before being rushed to the hospital.

"She went to take the garbage out like she normally does, and literally two pit bulls came and attacked her, and thank god the cop was here," said Daily Santoro, whose mother was bit. "They were very aggressive, the dog was literally barking and holding a stance. It was just not a good situation for anybody, nobody was safe."

An officer at the scene tried to corral the dogs, but one charged suddenly at him. That dog was shot and killed, while the other was captured and later removed by Babylon Animal Control. The pooch was taken to an animal shelter, which will determine what happens to the dog next. Both animals are being tested for rabies.

The shelter was trying to locate the owner of the dogs that were described as being "aggressive."

The Santoro family said they had never seen the dogs in the neighborhood before, and feel terrible that one had to die. They hope the other can still be spared.

"I hope we find out who owns them, obviously there's no good ending to this," Santoro said.

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