New York

Two New York Men Arrested for Allegedly Doxing Dozens of Law Enforcement Officers: Prosecutors

Two men from New York have been arrested for allegedly posting private information of more than three dozens law enforcement officers, including their home addresses and social security numbers, prosecutors said Wednesday.

A months-long investigation by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office found that Evan Koulikov, 21, of Spring Valley accessed a secure database of a New Jersey medical services company in May 2019 and copied personal identifying information (PII) of at least 50 public employees. 

Koulikov then received help from Eric Williams, 24, of New City and they allegedly made harassing phone calls to most of the 38 victims, mostly police officers, they decided to "dox" by publishing their PII on the internet, prosecutors said.

Both of the cybercrime suspects were arrested on Aug. 22.

Koulikov was charged with computer theft, unlawful access and copying of a database, doxing, stalking and harassment. Williams was only charged with doxing, according to prosecutors.

Officials didn't say what were the motives behind the harassment and it wasn't immediately clear whether the men had legal representatives. 

To prevent doxing, the Department of Homeland Security recommend people to set up two-step verification on their accounts, use complex passwords, and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts.

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