Two More Deaths Ruled Heat-Related During NYC Heat Wave

A total of four deaths have been ruled heat-related during last week's temperature spike

Two more deaths during last week's heat wave have been ruled heat-related, bringing the city's death toll of heat fatalities to four.

The deaths of two Bronx women, ages 78 and 72, on July 23 have been ruled heat-related, the city's medical examiner said Friday.  Both women had underlying health issues, the ME said.

The cause of death in both cases  was "hyperthermia due to exposure to high environmental temperature with underlying natural causes," the ME said.

On Tuesday, the medical examiner ruled the death of a 10-year-old girl last week as also being heat-related.

The medical examiner said Tuesday that the Brooklyn girl died from hyperthermia on Saturday. She is also described as having an underlying medical condition.

Temperatures during the eight-day heat wave set records around the region. The first heat-related fatality in New York City was a 94-year-old woman who also died of hyperthermia in Brooklyn last  Saturday.

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