Pedicab Crashes Into Yellow Taxi in Brooklyn

A pedicab driver speeding across the Williamsburg Bridge collided with a yellow taxicab, injuring himself and two of his three passengers, police said.

"He was going so fast it was scary," passenger Stephanie Monfort, 22, told the New York Post.

The pedicab was taking the passengers home to Bushwick after a night out on the town in Manhattan.

Pedicab driver Nicholas Nicometi, 42, is in serious condition at Bellevue Hospital after hitting his head on the curb.

"We were telling him to 'Slow down! Slow down! Stop!' But he just kept going and turned right into upcoming traffic," Monfort told The Post. "He hit a cab and we all flew out. It was horrible. I'm lucky I am OK."

Monfort said the driver drove really fast and turned around to talk to them before blowing through a stop sign and hitting the taxi.

"He was coming at me too fast," taxi driver Rafiqul Islam told The Post. "It was his fault."

Monfort suffered multiple bruises and her boyfriend broke both of his wrists. A third passenger walked away from the crash unharmed.

The accident occurred around 7:25 a.m. Wednesday at the intersection of Bedford Avenue and Broadway in Brooklyn, just after the bridge.

City rules say pedicabs must stick to city streets, but a state law allowing them on bridges is still in effect.

City officials passed a law in 2007 that limited the number of licenses given to pedicab companies. Pedicab operators say they're run by human energy instead of gasoline, and are easy to maneuver through traffic.

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