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New Jersey High School Senior's Video of Friend Pulling Out Fake Eyelashes Gets Millions of Views

What to Know

  • Amanda Zimmerman, 17, from East Brunswick, NJ posted a video of her friend taking off her fake eyelashes after prom.
  • That video now has 2.1 million views in five days.
  • Zimmerman says when the video started reaching other platforms, like Instagram, it was more than she had expected.

A bizarre-but-hilarious video of a girl pulling off her fake eyelashes has taken the internet by storm. Amanda Zimmerman, 17, from East Brunswick, New Jersey, was on her way back from prom when she decided to record her friend taking off her fake eyelashes.

In just five days, the original video on twitter has 600 comments, over 66,000 retweets, 130,000 likes and over 2.1 million views.

"Kayleigh said she was going to take off her fake eyelashes so I wanted to record her and put it on my Snapchat story. It just so happened that Joe made that face in shock of it. The timing was perfect," Zimmerman said.

She posted it on her Snapchat story and people were responding about how funny it was and it should go on Twitter because it "looked like something that would go viral," they told Zimmerman.

Zimmerman says she doesn't usually go on Twitter but decided to post the video and slowly more people started reacting to it.

Amanda Zimmerman

"At first it was slow and just close friends retweeting it but then it started reaching different parts of the world. People were replying to the video in Spanish and Portuguese," she said.

Replies to the video included many claiming they could relate. Zimmerman thinks the video is relatable to guys who might not understand the extent of beauty products, as well as girls who have gotten reactions like that before.

Now, the video has reached the memesphere of multiple social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Zimmerman doesn't think another video could top this one after people keep asking her what's next.

"I think it will just be a one-hit-wonder," Zimmerman laughed.

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