Unclaimed Clothes at LaGuardia Airport Donated to Homeless Vets

TSA officials got a jump on spring cleaning when they donated over 400 articles of unclaimed clothes at LaGuardia Airport to the Brooklyn Vet Center. 

Many items are left at busy TSA checkpoints every day, and they're stored at the airport for 30 days, officials say. But scarves, hats, jackets, and other belongings are often left unclaimed. 

Officials at the Brooklyn Vet Center plan to distribute the clothing to veterans in their center as well as partner centers in their community. 

The donations were spurred by the Clothe a Homeless Hero Act, which allows the transfer of unclaimed items from airport security checkpoints to local charities. Prior to the act, items were either used for canine training or discarded.

The partnership is significant for the TSA, since 20 percent of their workforce are former military. 

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