TSA Agent Finds Missing Diamond From Woman's Engagement Ring at JFK


A New York couple's honeymoon trip was nearly ruined after the diamond on the engagement ring went missing at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The Transportation Security Administration said Madison Durrani and her husband Amir Khan Durrani of Flushing were flying to Guam last month after their honeymoon was delayed due to the pandemic. The two were checked in at Terminal 7 and they were getting coffee when Madison realized the diamond on her ring had gone missing.

The couple initially had no idea where to look, so they reached out to TSA officers who began searching the airport for the gem.

“Everyone was extremely kind and helped me as much as they could to locate the lost diamond,” Amir said, adding he was grateful because he knew it wasn't their job to help.

Five hours after the diamond was reported missing, Lead TSA Officer John Killian, who had just returned from his break, said he spotted a "sparkle" on the floor at the terminal checkpoint between the metal detector and the X-ray machine.

“The shine caught my eye. I was like, ‘wow, I just found this diamond!’” Killian said in a news release.

In the span of the Durranis' trip to Guam, the diamond had been found and they were able to enjoy their honeymoon in "peace."

The couple got back the diamond following their return to New York City.

"We frequently return a jacket, a Teddy bear or a set of keys that have been left at one of our checkpoints. But returning a lost diamond will certainly be one we will always remember," John Bambury, TSA’s Federal Security Director at the airport, said.

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