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Trump ‘Pee On Me' Statues Appear in Brooklyn

What to Know

  • An artist in Brooklyn has installed tiny statuettes of the President on streets with a sign that reads, "Pee on Me"
  • Artist Phil Gable said the statues were a personal expression of his own disdain for Donald Trump
  • The artist said he also sprayed the statues with a dog-training spray, to encourage dogs to pee on the creations

New work by an artist in Brooklyn is inviting dogs -- and perhaps humans -- to relieve themselves on a bust of the President.

Artist Phil Gable, who has worked in advertising and serves as creative director for the brand content company Porcupine Armadillo, has set up small statuettes in Brooklyn inviting passersby to urinate on them.

“Pee On Me,” a little yellow sign posted on the statue reads. "Courtesy of Porcupine Armadillo."

“I've always loved political humor,” Gable said, adding that, particularly, with the current administration “people need some good laughs just to make it through the day.”

He explained that a woman and her two children came up to him as he was setting up one of the statuettes and thanked him, telling him that gestures like his makes her love Brooklyn.

Though Gable says the response to his statues “has been great so far” with the majority of people finding them funny, he notes that some have taken offense to the statues.

“Some very straight-laced Democrats have been offended because they think it's distasteful, and some Trump supporters have been offended because they think it's disrespectful,” he said, adding that everyone has the right to their own opinions “but when you look at what Donald Trump has very publicly said and done, and you look at how mean-spirited he is, I think this project is pretty light-hearted in comparison.”

Gable if his project gives people “a little moment of levity in the midst of a relentless cycle of bad news – that makes me happy” and hopes his work prompts people from all political ideologies to think about decency.

“If I can give them a laugh and a little break from their day, that's great,” he said. “And if this gets anyone at any point in the political spectrum to contemplate the concept of decency at a time when this administration is being so hostile to so many groups, that's good, too.”

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