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Truck Driver Threatens to Stab Car Dealer Over Badly Parked Mercedes, Police Say

Hackensack police allege Kelvin Mack became irate after being asked to move his Mercedes, which was taking up two handicap spaces

A knife with a black handle
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A New Jersey truck driver faces a slew of charges for allegedly threatening to stab a car dealership employee over the trucker's improperly parked Mercedes.

Hackensack police say Kelvin Mack, 47, of Glen Rock, faces a variety of weapons and threat charges over the incident Saturday at a Nissan dealership.

Mack was driving a 2018 Mercedes when a dealership employee saw him park his car -- which had a handicap placard -- in two handicap parking spaces. When the employee asked Mack to move his car, police say he responded by grabbing a knife instead.

Mack allegedly threatened to "cut" the dealership employee and then lunged at him with the knife before fleeing. Officers stopped Mack with the knife several blocks away.

Mack was remanded to the Bergen County Jail pending an initial court apperance.

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