1 Dead, 6 Hurt When Coca-Cola Truck Slams Into Building: FDNY

A mother of five waiting for the bus on a Bronx street corner was hit and killed by an out-of-control Coca-Cola truck that went on to crash into scaffolding and a building, authorities and relatives say. 

The truck hit a group of people on the sidewalk, including some women waiting for the bus, before it plowed into scaffolding, then careened into the building at East 138th Street and Willow Avenue in the Port Morris section at about 3:30 p.m., the FDNY said.

A 37-year-old mother of five identified as Cheniqua Silva was waiting for the bus at a stop on the corner when she was hit by the truck and killed, police and family said.

Her husband Orlando Silva said he was speaking with her on the phone when she spoke what he believes were her last words. 

"She said, 'oh, [expletive],' so I'm like, somebody snatched her phone from her or something happened," he said. 

Witness Sharon Roberts said Silva "didn't have time to run. All you see was the truck zooming, it hit her, it hit her hard and she rolled." 

Both of the drivers and their passengers were taken to Jacobi Hospital for minor injuries. Two pedestrians were taken to Lincoln Hospital in stable condition.

Authorities say the truck, driven by a 35-year-old man was going north on Bruckner Boulevard when an SUV being driven by a 52-year-old woman cut in front of it and they collided. The driver of the truck lost control and mounted the sidewalk, striking the scaffolding and continuing into the bus stop.

But witness Erisson Padilla said a motorcycle racing to get on the ramp to the Bruckner started the domino effect crash. 

"The car tried to avoid the motorcycle, and he hit the truck," said Padilla, who was standing across the street. 

"It was scary," said Roberts. "I was shaking and screaming, hollering for somebody to help, help, call the ambulance, somebdoy." 

The victim's aunt, Kim Mitchell, said she had five sons.

"This is a mother who hasn't finished raising her kids yet," she said. "I'm at a loss right now." 

Chopper 4 over the scene shows the red Coca-Cola truck wedged underneath scaffolding with the cab pushed against the corner of the building, dangling over a small empty lot.

Coca-Cola said it is cooperating with local officials in the investigation.

"Coca-Cola is deeply saddened by the loss of this individual, and concerned for all of those impacted by this incident," the company said in a statement. "Our thoughts and condolences are with everyone involved."

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