Brooklyn Company Sells Eulogy Videos for the Living

A company in Brooklyn wants to deliver the experience of essentially watching your own eulogy.

It's a premise that started with a birthday gift to the founder, Andrew Horn. Horn received a montage tribute video, and watching it brought back memories. He got emotional, and then he got an idea.

"I just had the lightbulb moment," he said. "This is the most meaningful gift I've ever received and it was way too difficult to create, so we set out on a platform to create it."

"Most people won't receive something like this from 25 of their best friends until they're dead, and it's a tragedy," said Horn. 

His team of three at works in tight quarters in Williamsburg, but sees their reach at limitless. They've seen people are genuinely curious about what will be said of them when they're gone -- how will they be remembered? Were they loved, will they be missed?

Potential customers like Elizabeth admit, "I always wonder what people remember me by, what they'd say." 

It's a simple premise: visit the website and invite your friends to say a few words. It's so simple, in fact, that some people wouldn't consider paying for it.

One skeptical man told NBC 4 New York: "I wouldn't buy it. I'd just do it." 

But Horn said it's the manpower and talent that make a difference in putting together a beautiful video.

"You could send out a hundred emails, you could edit this together, but it's going to take you several hours," he said. 

Sure, it puts a price on emotion, but then again, as one Brooklyn neighbor put it, "why wait to be dead?" 

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