Images of the Missing Transformers Sculpture

A Transformers sculpture made of recycled materials has been stolen from an abandoned storefront in Jamaica, Queens. The sculpture was built during a children's workshop led by local artist Annalisa Iadicicco. Here are photos of the sculpture before it disappeared Aug. 31.

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Annalisa Iadicicco
Annalisa Iadicicco
The Transformers sculpture went missing in Queens on Aug. 31. (Credit: Annalisa Iadicicco)
Annalisa Iadicicco
The sculpture was created during a workshop for kids by Local Project. (Credit: Annalisa Iadicicco)
Annalisa Iadicicco
The sculpture was built in an educational workshop on a sidewalk in Jamaica, Queens. (Credit: Annalisa Iadicicco)
Annalisa Iadicicco
The sculpture is made out of recycled materials Iadicicco found on the street. (Credit: Annalisa Iadicicco)
Annalisa Iadicicco
The sculpture is made up of car bumpers, bolts, plastic and clothes. (Credit: Annalisa Iadicicco)
Annalisa Iadicicco
Children ages 8 to 15 helped Iadicicco build the Transformer outside of an abandoned storefront. (Credit: Annalisa Iadicicco)
It took 10 days for the group to assemble it. (Credit: Annalisa Iadicicco)
Annalisa Iadicicco
The full Transformers sculpture before it disappeared. (Credit: Annalisa Iadicicco)
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