Suffolk County

Toy Gun, Part of Halloween Costume, Sparks Scare, Lockdown at Long Island College Campus

Someone toting a toy gun as part of their Halloween costume sparked a scare at a Long Island college campus Tuesday, and police were called for what a student thought was a real gun, officials say.

The Suffolk County Community College in Selden briefly went into lockdown after a student called 911, thinking they saw someone on campus with a gun.

Students tweeted from campus saying an alarm went off, urging students to "take shelter."

An all-clear was issued shortly afterward, and the college's public safety office said the gun was determined to be a fake and part of a Halloween costume. 

Normal activities have resumed at the college.

Last month, another college in Manhattan was briefly evacuated under similar circumstances: someone spotted an ammunition belt on the floor of a bathroom at Pace University and called 911 to report a man with a machine gun.

It turned out the belt was decorative, and the man wearing it in the bathroom posed no threat. Police at the time called it a "belt that he wore as part of his wardrobe... but probably not a very good fashion statement." 

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