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These Are the Top ‘Why Do' Google Searches in Every State

When it comes to top Google searches starting with "why do," people in our area appear to be curious about some strange things.

In a blog post, AT&T compiled the top "why-do" questions searched on Google for each state. 

It turns out New Yorkers were curious about why feet smell. And people in Connecticut and New Jersey really wanted to know: "Why do Yankees do thumbs down?" 

(For the record, it started last September with this very memorable cut to a Mets fan giving Todd Frazier a thumbs-down when Frazier hit a three-run homer at Citi Field during a Yankees-Rays game. Frazier soon adopted the gesture as a way to a celebrate a base hit, and it spread throughout the team.) 

Some other top "why-do" questions asked on Google across the U.S. include: "Why do men have nipples?" "Why do flies like poop?" "Why do you want to work here?" and "Why do I feel so alone?" 

See the full list below, as gathered by AT&T: 

  • Alabama: Why do dogs lick
  • Alaska: Why do we celebrate Halloween
  • Arizona: Why do people lie
  • Arkansas: Why do we sleep
  • California: Why do flies like poop / Why do ankles swell / Why do birds suddenly appear / Why do girls wear makeup / Why do humans kiss / Why do humans cry / Why do I feel so alone / Why do jumping beans jump / Why do people snore
  • Colorado: Why do my boobs hurt
  • Connecticut: Why do yankees do thumbs down
  • Delaware: Why do dogs eat grass
  • District of Columbia: Why do I sweat so much
  • Florida: Why do I feel so alone
  • Georgia: Why do you love me
  • Hawaii: Why do roosters crow
  • Idaho: Why do men have nipples
  • Illinois: Why do dogs have tails / Why do my teeth hurt / Why do zebras have stripes
  • Indiana: Why do my boobs hurt / Why do cats knead
  • Iowa: Why do cats knead
  • Kansas: Why do cats knead / Why do I sweat so much
  • Kentucky: Why do cats knead
  • Louisiana: Why do people yawn
  • Maine: Why do leaves change color
  • Maryland: Why do you want to work here
  • Massachusetts: Why do cats hate water
  • Michigan: Why do I have diarrhea / Why do people cheat
  • Minnesota: Why do apples float
  • Mississippi: Why do living things need water
  • Missouri: Why do tomatoes split
  • Montana: Why do dogs eat grass
  • Nebraska: Why do fireflies glow
  • Nevada: Why do dogs lick
  • New Hampshire: Why do leaves change color
  • New Jersey: Why do yankees do thumbs down
  • New Mexico: Why do we dream
  • New York: Why do feet smell
  • North Carolina: Why do hurricanes form
  • North Dakota: Why do dogs eat grass
  • Ohio: Why do I hate myself / Why do guys have nipples
  • Oklahoma: Why do dogs lick
  • Oregon: Why do cats knead
  • Pennsylvania: Why do birds sing / Why do cats hate water / Why do dogs pant / Why do farts smell
  • Rhode Island: Why do cats purr
  • South Carolina: Why do I sweat so much / Why do kids bully
  • South Dakota: Why do dogs eat grass / Why do dogs eat poop
  • Tennessee: Why do fireflies glow
  • Texas: Why do ears ring / Why do eyes twitch / Why do I bruise easy / Why do my kidneys hurt / Why do my legs ache / Why do seals slap themselves / Why do they call it the birds and the bees / Why do veins pop out
  • Utah: Why do we yawn / Why do NFL players kneel
  • Vermont: Why do leaves change color
  • Virginia: Why do people cheat
  • Washington: Why do cats like boxes
  • West Virginia: Why do cats purr
  • Wisconsin: Why do fireflies glow
  • Wyoming: How to kiss
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