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Top 10 Shocking, Incredible and Hilarious Tri-State Videos of 2018

This year we saw everything from a shrieking intern on the subway to a man paddleboarding across the Hudson in a suit

We laughed, we gasped, we grumbled and we shared it all with our friends. These are 10 of our most-watched tri-state videos of 2018. From the man who made off with $1.6 million dollars in gold, to the intern who caused a scene on the subway, to a massive food fight at a NJ Denny’s and a few soggy subways, these videos are a slice of life in the tri-state from 2018. Check them out below.

Hysterical Subway Rider Stuck on Delayed Train Wails About Being Late

A woman screams hysterically about being late to her internship amid subway delays at the Nostrand Avenue station in Brooklyn during the morning rush Thursday. Credit: Adena Andrews

Infamous Thief in $1 Million NYC Gold Bucket Heist Tells of Dramatic Escape From Country

Julio Nivelo, the brazen thief who stole $1.6 million in gold off an armored truck in midtown Manhattan in September 2016, describes to News 4’s Marc Santia his daring multi-country journey out of the U.S. and back to his native Ecuador as he went on the lam from NYPD.

Cop Hurt as Cycling Mob Rides Wrong Way Through Streets, Attacks Drivers

Cell phone video shows dozens of bicyclists riding the wrong way through streets in Chelsea on Saturday. Drivers say they damaged cars and one man says he was attacked by several cyclists.

Eggs, Chairs Fly During Massive Brawl at NJ Denny's

Police are looking for the brawlers involved in a wild melee in a New Jersey Denny’s over the weekend that sent chairs crashing into plates of pancakes and diners ducking for cover.

Man Threatens to Call ICE When He Hears Workers Speaking Spanish in Midtown Cafe

A man buying lunch at a Midtown cafe threatened to call immigration enforcement on its workers — all because he heard them speaking Spanish. The woman who took video of his tirade tells News 4 what happened. Ray Villeda reports.

Running Late to Meeting, Man Paddleboards Across Hudson in Business Suit, Dress Shoes

A man running late for a meeting hopped on a paddleboard across the Hudson River.

Flood Rat Holds On for Dear Life Amid Rushing Floodwaters in Subway

Reddit user JacksonCheeseburger captured a soaked rat struggling in floodwaters at the 23rd Street subway station on the downtown 6 platform Tuesday afternoon.

Food Fight: Girl Slugged in Head With Chef Boyardee Can During Fight at NYC Grocery Store 

Surveillance video released by the NYPD shows a man they want to find after he allegedly hit a girl over the head with a can of Chef Boyardee.

Man Battles Waterfall to Get Up Subway Steps

Crazy video taken at the 145th Street/Broadway subway station shows a man battling upstream to get out of the underground as water gushes down the station stairs. MTA staff told NBC 4 the City sewer drain was blocked, backing up to the point water flowed around the corner, on to the sidewalk and into the uptown station entrance. The video was...

Man in Suit Beats Down on Stranger in Times Square Subway Station

The NYPD is looking for a well-dressed man caught on camera pummeling a stranger on a subway platform in Times Square last week.
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