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Watch: Toothless, Elderly Chihuahua Named Paco Takes on Coyote

"He's 18. He doesn't have a tooth in his head."

A toothless Chihuahua named Paco took on a potentially deadly carnivore Thursday, after a coyote wandered into the backyard of his Florida home.

Paco's owner, T.J. Jones, caught it all on a video security system.

"He was face to face that coyote. [It was] five times his size. [He] stood his ground, hid under the shed until I came out," said Jones.

An abandoned railroad line with plenty of brush is behind Jones' house, making it a perfect place for a coyote to hide. It's likely the wild animal stopped by for dinner or dessert.

"He's 18. He doesn't have a tooth in his head," Jones said of Paco. "He's a little sweetheart. He was my Dad's dog. I'd lose it if I lost him."

Jones says Paco learned his bravery from a pit bull he used to live with. "He's always had the big mouth and had the brawn behind him."

"They're out there and people have a lot of small dogs. He got lucky," Jones added. "I don't want to see something bad happen to someone else's dog."

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