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Jitney Bus Driver Skipped Out on $50,990 in Tolls, Fees: Police

The 62-year-old woman allegedly had 653 E-ZPass violations that amounted to more than $50,990 in tolls and fees

A New Jersey woman who drives a Jitney bus has been arrested for allegedly avoiding 653 tolls, amounting to more than $50,000 in unpaid tolls and fees. 

Port Authority police say an officer saw Bertha Moreno, 62, driving a 1991 white Jitney bus at the Lincoln Tunnel toll plaza in Weehawken Monday afternoon and recognized the vehicle registration as a known toll evader. The officer pulled the bus over and interviewed the West New York woman. 

According to investigators, Moreno had an E-ZPass in her bus but the pass was only appropriate for use in passenger vehicles. She was arrested on charges of theft of service and theft by unlawful taking for 653 alleged E-ZPass violations, racking up $50,990 in unpaid tolls and administrative fees. 

The bus was impounded. 

It wasn't immediately clear if Moreno had retained an attorney. IT also wasn't known if she drove the Jitney bus for a service. 

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