Toddler Twins Party All Night Long in Hilarious Video

This is what nighttime with two toddler twins looks like

Getting one toddler to sleep can be hard enough. But two? That's double trouble. 

Andrew and Ryan, identical 2-year-old twins in New York state, are showing the world just what it looks like in a viral video.

The boys are seen hopping out of their cribs, climbing onto a couch, moving pillows, cushions and toys into a pile on the floor, even upturning their mattresses. 

It's enough to induce some head-shaking among parents -- if you can stop laughing, that is. 

The boys' parents condensed their seven-hour overnight adventure into about two minutes. The video has been watched more than 11 million times since it was posted to Facebook on March 13. 

More Photos of Up-All-Night Toddler Twins Andrew and Ryan

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