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Ticketed Tots: NYPD Pulls Over Adorable Toddler Twins in Toy Car

"Only in New York," the twins' father says in a video of the exchange

These twin toddlers took their toy car outside in New York City for a spin -- and the NYPD played along. 

Two-year-olds Aaron and Evan were spotted in Washington Heights on Saturday night in a pint-sized Range Rover. A police cruiser pulled over with lights flashing. 

Dad Alex posted video of the hilarious exchange on Instagram. He can be heard saying "Uh oh" as the officers approach. 

One of the officers asks for the kids' license. The boys appear to try to open the glove box. She hands them a ticket -- probably for breaking the cute limit. 

In the next video, one of the boys hands the ticket back. He gives an officer a high-five, while his brother rests his head on the steering wheel. 

"We're stopping traffic over here on St. Nicholas (Avenue)," their dad says on the video. "Only in New York." 

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