Taxi Inspector Hit, Dragged on Queens Street, by Livery Driver After Stop: TLC

Police are hunting for a livery cab driver who allegedly hit a Taxi and Limousine Commission inspector with his car and dragged her down a Queens street after she stopped to question the driver about a possible illegal fare, authorities say.

The inspector stopped the black Lincoln Town Car near the Jamaica Long Island Rail Road station Sunday because she thought the cabbie was attempting to illegally pick up a passenger from the curb, representatives for the commission say.

When the inspector approached the vehicle, TLC officials say the driver put the car in reverse and hit her with an open passenger door. Then the car dragged the inspector a few feet before speeding off.

The inspector suffered minor injuries, TLC officials say. She was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where she received stitches to her head and was treated for cuts and bruises.

Under city law, only yellow and green taxis can pick up passengers hailing a car from the street. Other for-hire vehicles are required to use a dispatch system, but many drivers still often pick up passengers from the curb.

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