Tips for Homeowners Dealing With All This Snow

So right about now, on the cusp of yet another winter storm in the Tri-State area, you might be wondering when enough is enough--or just too much.

Well, that's what Lisa Fitzsimmons of Vernon, N.J. wondered when she reached out to NBC New York with questions on the minds of many homeowners.

Question #1: If there's snow on the ground, and the prediction is for ice and then more snow in the same storm, do you shovel before the ice--thereby letting it buld up directly on your driveway/sidewalk, or do you hold off on the shoveling, letting the ice fall on snow, then wait til that second snowfall comes before shoveling?

Lisa  is worried she might slip and fall if she clears the first snowfall and her driveway ices up before the second snow. But if she waits, will shoveling a layer of snow, then ice, then more snow be too heavy.

Our expert is Craig Worts, Director of Snow Removal for the Crystal Springs Resort just a few miles away.

Answer #1: He says wait--let the ice fall on snow.

"If we get more ice on blacktop now, what are you doing tomorrow? Salting, chopping. I would get ugly, " Worts explained.

Question #2: How long should you wait to knock icicles off your gutters and eaves?

Lisa has her ten year old son Connor do it from time to time.

Answer #2: Crystal Springs' Worts says it should be often, just for the liability issue alone.

"God forbid one breaks off as you're walking out or a guest is walking in and hits you in the head," Worts worried.

Question #3: When should you remove snow from your roof?

Lisa says her husband goes up on top of their home when it gets to be about two feet deep.

Answer #3: Worts is reluctant to offer advice on that.  But where a lower roof, say over an extended garage, is accessible, he does recommend getting a long broom of some sort and pulling snow off.

"Pull that snow right off so at least when the sun comes out it does have the opportunity to heat up those shingles and melt that snow and ice," said Worts.

Otherwise, the weight of the ice could rip your gutters off your home, Worts warns.

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