New Jersey

Three People Saved After Falling Through Ice at New Jersey Reservoir

First responders helping man from frozen lake
Netcong Police Department

Three people had to be rescued by New Jersey first responders after falling through the ice at a reservoir, police said.

Netcong Borough Police received a call about a vehicle and a person falling through the ice at Lake Musconetcong just before 5 p.m. on Sunday, police and fire officials said. When the officer arrived, there were two people on the ice, pointing to where another individual fell through, approximately 300 yards away.

As the officer instructed people to return to shore, a man about 40 feet away fell through. The officer rushed over the the man, and attempted several times to pull him from the water, officials said. Finally after getting a rope from another officer, the man was pulled up and out from the frozen lake.

Just seconds later, a woman fell through the ice as well. Another officer was nearby for this fall, and threw a rope to the woman. Fire and first aid members were able to pull the woman to shore, and provide medical attention, according to officials.

Other members of the fire department and the Netcong First Aid Squad were able to get to the third person, the one who the call was made about, using ice rescue equipment, including ice rescue suits and a rescue sled. The first responders made it out to the man in the water, who fell through while on his motorcycle 300 yards from shore. He was pulled from the icy waters and brought to shore.

All three were treated at the scene. Two declined to go to a hospital, while the third was hospitalized.

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