New Jersey

Four Little Birds Found Nesting Under NJ Apartment Awning Too Cute to Evict

Four little birds, pitch under an awning, singin’ sweet songs...

OK -- it doesn't have quite the same ring about it as the original -- but one New Jersey man is now living his own version of the Bob Marley classic "Three Little Birds" after finding four newborn chicks in a nest at his apartment in Belleville, New Jersey.

The newborn American Goldfinch chicks were found by Kashif Booker, self-taught photographer, crying under an awning at his complex.

He noticed the nest, which is only visible from his apartment, about a month ago. Only one bird originally resided there, and he saw her continuously returning with straw. “Everyday I would come home and would notice more [of the nest] established... its evolution”.

About two weeks ago, four hatchlings appeared.

The “super cute” chicks, as Booker describes, show us “what nature is and what life should be about."

He does not have a problem with the birds staying, as they are not noisy, he says. Booker tells neighbors not to touch the nest, as he worries mother might not return. 

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