New Jersey

Threats Forces School to Forfeit Century-Old Thanksgiving Football Game

Police are investigating after a New Jersey high school forfeited a century-old Thanksgiving weekend football game because of threats.

Asbury Park Police Sgt. Michael Casey says Asbury and Neptune Township school officials told police they received "one unconfirmed threat of acts of violence to occur at the game."

Students, meanwhile, told News 4 that there was a rumor that someone was going to bring a gun to the game and start shooting. 

Administrators say Neptune Township High School decided to forfeit the game because there wasn't enough time to review a new security plan or bring in more police. 

Asbury Park players, meanwhile, said they wished the game could have gone on -- especially because they just lost in the playoffs.

The teams have met Thanksgiving since 1908, with the exception of a few changes.

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