Lindsey’s Odd Eggs, Chloe’s Chocolate Pancakes and More Favorite Foods of Team USA

These are some of the favorite foods of American athletes at the Winter Olympics.

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The Alpine ski racer fuels up in the morning with scrambled eggs mixed with red bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, garlic, and cilantro. She tops it off with Cholula hot sauce, according to Women's Health.


The snowboarder eats chocolate pancakes with biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Celebrity chef David Chang surprised her with two of her favorite sweets in one: a churro ice cream sandwich. 


The snowboarder has a $920 burger named after him in South Korea, but his favorite thing is Americanized Chinese food, especially airport Chinese food, according to US Weekly


The figure skater says he has a relatively organized nutrition schedule, but he told NBC Olympics he likes to indulge in desserts, especially Hershey's bars. 


The Alpine ski racer is an absolute pasta fanatic. She told Eating Well that she makes a "mean mac and cheese." 


The freestyle skater has nicknamed an Indian food buffet he goes to in Colorado "Curry in a Hurry." He told Men's Journal: "The first time I went there, I ate there eight days in a row." 


The ice dancer loves Korean foods like barbeque, bibimbap, chap chae and duk bokgi, according to NBC Olympics


The ice dancer starts every day off with a green tea and lemon but moves to herbal teas later in the day, NBC Olympics reported


The snowboarder told the Chicago Tribune she was looking forward to sampling different foods in Korea. She’ll have plenty to choose from, including these fried mandu (Korean dumplings) at the Olympic Park.


The biathlete told NBC Olympics that her favorite foods are pizza, dark chocolate, and dried mango.


The bobsledder eats lots of veggies and lean proteins. She shared a pan-seared duck with swiss chard recipe with ESPN. 


Like several other athletes, the curler loves Korean barbecue. He's also a fan of pizza and wings when he's back home in Minnesota, according to NBC Olympics


The curler used to work at a place called Tornado Steakhouse. Naturally, he likes steaks, NBC Olympics reported


The U.S. women's hockey team fills up with a range of things, including the classic and protein-rich peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the New York Times reported


The Alpine ski racer is a fan of big salads and chicken breasts for lunch, but in general loves meals with lots of meat and vegetables, he told ABC


The speed skater loves kimchi and Korean barbecue, but nothing beats wings and fries from Crunchies & Munchies in Florida, she says


The luger has cold cut meats for breakfast, along with two to four boiled eggs, bread, yogurt, granola and fruit, according to Cosmopolitan


The hockey player loves her mom's home-cooked enchiladas and shrimp jambalaya, according to Cosmopolitan


The freestyle skier snacks on carrots and hummus and eats other healthy foods like quinoa salad, greens, and pumpkin seeds for lunch, Cosmopolitan reported


The curler loves a big bowl of pasta and a glass of wine after competing even though the curling team mostly sticks to a super-healthy diet, according to First We Feast


The snowboarder says her favorite pasttime is going to In-N-Out for burgers, according to Cosmopolitan


The curler always has a chocolate milk between games, she told Cosmopolitan


The cross-country skier has a sweet spot for apple pie despite the fact she removed gluten and many processed foods from her diet, First We Feat reported


The figure skater usually makes overnight oats with almond milk for breakfast. He told Bon Appetit that it's important to be consistent with breakfast while traveling. 


The bobsledder makes protein bites out of oats, peanut butter, a little honey, protein powder, dark chocolate chips, crushed almonds, and sometimes dried cranberries, according to Bon Appetit


The freestyle skier loves brown cheese from Norway, but her favorite is Cabot cheddar from her home state of Vermont, according to Delish. 


The hockey player loves kimchi and said she's looking forward to trying authentic Korean food while in Pyeongchang, NBC Olympics reported


The luger ate an entire slice of pizza in one bite in a video posted to Twitter


The cross-country skier loves to bake and whips up everything from banana bread to pancakes and muffins while training, according to Cosmopolitan


The biathlete told NBC Olympics that if he had to indulge in one type of food, it would be Mexican food. 


The pair skater told InStyle that she always drinks a glass of milk in the morning and then again at night. 


The snowboarder makes green smoothies packed with protein powder and 100 superfoods, according to InStyle


The Alpine skier's favorite breakfast is a "large sweet-potato, shiitake mushroom, red onion, garlic, and spinach stir fry with two fried duck-eggs on top," InStyle reported.


The cross-country skier told Delish that her favorite dessert is chocolate. "When I'm traveling the world, there are a million different kinds," she said.


The curler said sushi in Japan was everything he expected, according to Food and Wine.


The speed skater posted a "nood photo" of himself eating a giant plate of noodles before the Winter Olympics. 


“Cauliflower! I can eat a whole head of cauliflower in one sitting," the hockey player told For the Win


The speed skater told Bon Appetit her favorite food is "any type of meat." 


The speed skater loves doughnuts and Oreos, according to Bon Appetit, but he "sadly can’t eat them very much or else coaches will get upset."


The speed skater has been pursuing culinary studies and Bon Appetit reports that he made it clear on his Olympics profile that he loves ramen but "does not like cucumbers in any form." 

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When he's done competing, the bobsledder is all about Five Guys burgers, according to Bon Appetit


The speed skater told Bon Appetit that she likes fresh mango right off the tree. 


The bobsledder has sung the praises of campfire coffee, according to Bon Appetit


The snowboarder makes her own maple syrup in Lake Tahoe, Bon Appetit reported


The speed skater told Delish that she eats avocado toast with an egg after practice. 


The ice dancer always starts the day by swigging one or two glasses of water. Although she adopted a vegan diet, she has since been incorporating some animal products back into her meals, according to Delish


The ice dancer says nothing compares to "some quality pizza at a nice Italian restaurant" after competition, Delish reported


The figure skater makes her own banana muffins, a treat she calls her guilty pleasure, according to Delish


The Nordic combined skier is a big believer in everything being OK in moderation, according to Delish. He dives into an IPA, ice cream and his wife's baked goods when he's not competing. 


The short-track speed skater eats a carb-rich meal of pasta or rice and a protein before training, Delish reported


The curler says she has "a big sweet tooth for fruity candies like Starburst and Skittles," according to Delish


The snowboarder snacks on protein shakes and carries protein powder with her to "ensure I can get what my body needs to repair after a hard day on the hill," Delish reported


The biathalon competitor goes for a large salad and a "heaping plate of rice" with chicken and veggies for lunch, according to Delish


The downhill skier drinks "lots and lots" of coconut water when competing. She also uses the beverage as a base for her morning smoothies and carries a bottle with her to the slopes, First We Feast reported


"In the off-season I want to go for the record of eating 70 super spicy wings," the bobsledder told First We Feast


The speed skater loves Korean barbecue, but he says his absolute favorite food is Chinese lumpia, a pastry similar to spring rolls, according to First We Feast.


The skeleton racer snacks on cottage cheese and protein powder to get ready for competition, First We Feast reported


The figure skater told First We Feast: "I’m an all-American girl, so I go for a burger and fries and a shake." 


The bobsledder indulges in crunchy peanut butter and chocolate milk after he competes, according to First We Feast


The short-track skater downs protein-rich foods like hard-boiled eggs between racing events, Bustle reported

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