Thief Jacks Meds From Man Dying of Cancer

Victim returns home, finds meds stolen

Police say a burglar stole the pain medication of a Syracuse man who is dying of cancer.

Frederick Mastin says doctors have given him less than four months to live and he spent the last two weeks at the Syracuse VA Medical Center.

When he returned home, he discovered the deadbolt on his apartment door was cut and hundreds of dollars worth of prescription drugs had been stolen from bottles on his nightstand.

Among the missing medications were 300 morphine pills, and hundreds of tablets of oxycodone, hydrocodone and Ambien, which help manage his pain and sleep.

Mastin, a 60-year-old retired truck driver, is trying to get refills. He says he had a few stray pills that he's cut in half until his doctors can write new prescriptions.

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