Thief Steals 40 Laptops, 55 Phones, $15,000 Cash in Brazen NYC Break-in: Cops

A gloved thief armed with bolt cutters broke into an electronics store in Queens last week and made off with a huge haul, authorities say: $15,000 in cash, 20 iPhones, 35 Galaxy phones and 40 laptops.

Cops say the man broke into Electromania on Corona's Roosevelt Avenue through a back window late Wednesday, gathered the loot and somehow managed to get it all outside. Police didn't immediately say if they were searching for an accomplice.

Surveillance video shows the alleged thief in a cap and hooded sweatshirt roaming around outside the building. He notices the security camera and pulls part of his shirt up over his face, then walks away.

Anyone with information about the burglar is asked to call police. 

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