The Yankees Are in Cruise Control

Things keep rolling along for the Bronx Bombers

Earlier this week, we took a look at three spots that might generate some worry around the Yankees over the last month of the season. It wasn't quite grasping at straws, because all three are legitimate areas of concern, but it was hardly anything that made you quiver in fear about their chances of finishing the season in first place. The same could be said of Thursday morning's reminders that Jorge Posada is important to the Yankees.

Posada left Wednesday's game after aggravating an injury to his left ring finger, which didn't escape the watchful eye of the Post or Newsday. But the game was a blowout, and you can be certain that Posada would have remained in otherwise, but there's a paucity of gripping topics for columnists these days.

Of course Posada is important to the Yankees, a fact that would have been just as true if he finished the game. The same column could be written about half a dozen other Yankees, injured or otherwise, although none of them were the victims of an invented controversy about their ability to play the game over the weekend. That's really what the Posada stories were about, since anyone with access to statistics could tell that A.J. Burnett's poor game in Boston was no more indicative of a sour relationship with Posada than his strong game agains the Red Sox two weeks before was a sign that they are a Bogey and Bacall for this generation.

Both Posada stories are nothing but background noise for a long season that's awfully short on compelling storylines at the moment. The Joba Chamberlain discussion has become tiresome, there's no more reason to wonder if the Yankees can beat the good teams and there are no simmering issues that would seem to remotely threaten the current status quo.

All of which proves that no news is indeed good news. The Yankees are free of drama and hurtling toward the playoffs with nothing on the horizon to throw them off their game. Things could change, but until they do everything else will just be noodling to fill the time before October.

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