The Williamsburg Casting Call You Knew Would Come

The flier (seen in full after the jump) is posted on a phone booth at Bedford Avenue and Broadway, a Curbed tipster tells us. Though we're not sure of its authenticity, Brooklyn the Borough notes that an identical message is posted on reality television casting breeding ground Reality Wanted. We are sure, however, that this near-novella of Williamsburg stereotypes will provide you with more than a few laughs. But isn't this idea a bit late? The neighborhood's been all grown up since 2006!


If that's a bit hard to read, here's the text:

Did you wake up today around 1:30 EST in your industrial loft, pull on your favorite (and only) pair of cutoff jean shorts, and take a leisurely stroll down Bedford Avenue in search of organic green juice and the new DFA on vinyl? Do you tap the family trust fund every time you need to make rent? (or do you have to fix bikes for a living?) Does your tattoo have a story to tell? Do you jam with a hardcore band on the weekends and DJ on the weeknights? Are you cooking tofu right now for you and your seven roommates? Do you barely make it into Manhattan three days a week for "college"? Is that handlebar mustache merely for comedic effect? Do you consider 25 "old age"? Do you idolize Dan Deacon? Do you fold clothes at American Apparel? Are you SO not worried about getting swine flu 'cause that shit only happens to poor people? Were you recently the victim of the Hipster Grifter? Or even better, are you THE Hipster Grifter? And most importantly, what are you going to do this summer now that the McCarren Pool Parties are over???!!!

If you live in Williamsburg, are between the ages of 18-25, and are cool with opening your doors to a camera crew (your seven roommates will have to be cool with it too)

- Photo of yourself
- Five things that make you a hipster.
- A short description of yourself and why you want to be on the show.

This is not a competition or game show, and you will not be required to live on an island or eat worms. There is, however, a cash guarantee involved for the chosen ones.

Right now there's nothing up at, but on a side note—damn, that's a pretty genius name, isn't it?

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