The Hamptons Come to NYC to Hock Leases

Talk about determined: The Hamptons rental season is off to what can only be generously described as a late start, unsurprising given today's skeptical real-estate market.

But if the renters won't go out to the Hamptons, the Hamptons -- or, rather, its brokers -- are going to the renters. The Corcoran Group is opening its offices at 660 Madison to the public to host the first-ever Hamptons Expo next Thursday. (East End purveyors like Wolffer Vineyards and Lucy's are providing free wine and cheese.)

Armed with leases to as many as 14,000 listings -- yes, that many -- 40 agents are Manhattan-bound to show off video tours, pictures, and floor plans of properties up for grabs in the North Fork, the South Fork, and Shelter Island.

Corcoran president Pam Liebman says they wanted to be "proactive" about giving renters, many of whom are on the sidelines, "a jump start ... We want to show that there are good values out there." Interested? Here's your invite:

2009 East End Rental Expo [Corcoran]

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