The New American Hustler

A new Daily Beast study confirms what most of us working New Yorkers already know - it takes more than one job to survive.

"With the economy in free fall," the Daily Beast explains, "the American workplace is changing and now the top tiers are hustling." It's The New American Hustler - a term the DB uses to describe people working both the full-time day-job - defined at 40-hours per week - supported by a second part-time freelance gig on the side.

There are two main reasons to take that second job, and both revolve around money. An astonishing 38% of respondents with 2 or more jobs said the second job was simply "a hobby that turned into a money-making operation." Say, like blogging?! Meanwhile, 34% of respondents to the 2+ job category said they took the second to catch up on bills and bring in some extra income.

All in all, about 1 in 4 respondents reported having that second job, and only 7% of those said that both were full-time.

It's the age of the New American Hustler. And while it seems to be all work and some play, at least we're finally getting paid to play.

Click here to see the results of the Daily Beast poll.

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