Gov. Christie vs. “Real Housewife” Hubby

New Jersey governor out to fire Albert Manzo over residential dispute.

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Office of the Governor

He’s a familiar, if not benign presence on the popular cable show, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."

Albert Manzo, husband to housewife Caroline, is well known as the owner of the profitable restaurant and party venue, The Brownstone in Paterson, N.J..

What’s less known is that he’s also a Commissioner at the North Jersey District Water Supply. He earned a pension, state benefits, some authority and a $7,500 yearly salary.

“These entities collect money from the citizens of New Jersey in various forms and no one is paying attention,” said Gov. Chris Christie during a Wednesday news conference.

Since taking office, Christie has had it out for what he calls government waste in unsupervised independent bodies such as the NJDWSC.

Already this year, the governor claims he’s saved taxpayers $10 million by removing six of the seven Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners and firing 71 of its employees for things like mismanagement and alleged corruption.

“The toilets are still flushing,” argued Christie.

Now, with his spotlight on the NKDWSC, Christie has suspended Manzo without pay and is looking to fire him for cause for listing his business in Paterson as his home address.

Christie claims anyone who watches 'The Real Housewives' knows Manzo lives in Bergen county’s Franklin Lakes.

NBC New York went by The Brownstone and Manzo’s Franklin Lakes’ home for comment but no one was available.

Manzo reportedly told a New Jersey Politics blog that he has no intention of resigning and that he’s done nothing that can be considered remotely corrupt.

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