Sold! $40 Sandwich in NYC

The Conquistador Conquers NYC

Jezalin's Conquistador

Talk about eating high off the hog.

If lunch wasn't expensive enough, try the new $39.95 sandwich at the Jezalin’s Gourmet Market.
The 6th Avenue and 20th Street market now sells The Conquistador (no kidding!).
The sandwich features the crown jewel of Spanish ham, Jamón Ibérico de Bellota. The meat, derived from the Black Iberian Pig of Spain, is served inside a plain crispy baguette to “not alter the flavors of what has been called the finest ham in the world,” store representatives reason.
The rare meat accounts for 8 percent of Spain’s ham production. In addition to the sandwich, the market will also sell the meat—carved from the thigh of the ibérico—for $150 per pound.  
They sell by the slice, too.
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