Yankees, Mets Fans Talk Trash in Golden Local Debate

As our Golden Local debate for the city's best new stadium heats up, baseball fans across all five boroughs are taking trash-talk to a new level as they try to snare the top honor for their field. Check out some of the banter between diehard fans. Touché.

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DieHardMetFan SAYS: There's no comparison and you should only be able to vote if you've been to both. 1. Citi has MUCH better food and beer and at more reasonable prices 2. Citi is built with the fans in mind. All seats have good views and the concourse alone gives Citi the win. You can see the field from anywhere. Yankee stadium is like a fortress and is missing that open, welcoming feeling.

Mike SAYS: I've been to both, but Citi Field has too many obstructed seats and does not look good from the outside. There is also hardly any mention of the Mets inside the stadium. While Yankee Stadium's outfield wall is abundant with ads, the ads on the scoreboards at Citi look like a minor league ballpark. It's terrible.

NYCChica SAYS: Citi Field has better concessions. Shake Shack, YUM!!!

Joe SAYS: It's no contest. Yankee Stadium is the new cathedral. Citi Field is a mess, contrived dimensions, obstructed seating all along the upper deck and a bad atmosphere. Yankee stadium is THE baseball stadium. Nothing comes close.

Davonroe SAYS: If Yankee Stadium is a cathedral, Citi Field is a neighborhood church. Some of us prefer that.

Nicci SAYS: I was in Yankee Stadium in April and Citi Field yesterday -- both beautiful, but Yankee Stadium has a magic feeling about it ... it's perfect. Less advertisements than CF, too.

LGV SAYS: Citi Field has an authentic hometown stadium feel to it. Yankee stadium looks and feels like a theme park ... it would be better suited in Disneyland.

John SAYS: Citi Field has no identity; it has taken the styles of other stadiums and thrown them in a blender. Yankee Stadium, is well Yankee Stadium, no identity lost there, it's the real deal. No gimmicks in the field like Citi Field crazy layout, the New York Yankees are a Class organization in a classy stadium, a Roman coliseum, if you will.

Metzie SAYS: You're closer to the game at Citi Field and are allowed to walk anywhere, despite your ticket location.

The Bronx King SAYS: Citi Field is nothing more than a bachelor pad with the name of a bank that is currently asking the federal government for a bailout. Thank you Mr. Steinbrenner for keeping the original Yankee name alive and well in the new stadium.

Mike SAYS: Citi Field is affordable and new, not just a clone of what was there in order to generate revenue.

Jlaz SAYS: Which stadium reminds the fans of their teams history? Citi Field reminds most, if not all, of Ebbets Field (where the beloved DODGERS played). At Least Yankee Stadium brings back memories to hold the fans over until we win #27 this year.

Casey SAYS: Building a new Yankee Stadium is perhaps the biggest mistake in all of sports. Now its just another engineering marvel destined for the Discovery channel. It offers no hope, has no history and has disenfranchised very loyal Yankee fans. Citi Field on the other hand is filled with promise and hope for a better future for the Mets and its fans. Citi Field all the way.

Yankeesfan4ever SAYS: Yankee Stadium is obviously the better of the two because it's home to the best team and the best fans and oh yeah, how many world championships?!

BABS SAYS: Citi Field is so fan-family-kid-friendly. The parking lot has all the SHEA bases and pitcher mound marked out for the fans to see & touch 'FOR FREE'. Wiffle ball, dunk tank, batting cages -ALL FREE! Can't say FREE at Yankee Stadium.

Dick SAYS: Citi Field has no character -- no symmetry and little beauty. Except for the front brick face, it looks like an industrial site. Yankee Stadium retains the tradition, aura and class of the NY Yankees.

njfan SAYS: The food is great at Citi Field, you can see the field from wherever you may be when walking around, and even the rest rooms are state-of-the art-- more than can be said for that new stadium in the Bronx. CitiField wins in a landslide.

AP SAYS: How could you beat the Yankees? I respect the Mets but no matter what they do or build, they will always be number 2.

Kings Clipper SAYS: I'm a Yankee fan, but the new Mets field is really a gem. I like the way it looks like Ebbets Field and the right field overhanging bleachers. Too bad they couldn't put a roof on both fields. I'm a Yankee fan who likes Citi Field and hope to see the Yanks play there. Now about those ticket prices...

Liam SAYS: Yankee Stadium has a lot more accommodations than Citi Field. Yankee Stadium has a lot of sports bars, the biggest screen in the league and a lot of ways to get there, which include subway, bus, highway and most recently by Metro-North.

Leo SAYS: Yankee Stadium is a huge, sterile, antiseptic mass of cement. Citi Field is an intimate park with lots of character.

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