This NJ Restaurant Has a Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich With a Stuffing Bun

A restaurant in New Jersey has a Thanksgiving sandwich, but not just any Thanksgiving sandwich. This is the Turk Diggler.

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The Speakeatery
The Speakeatery
For the Turk Diggler, the chefs at The Speakeatery take house-smoked turkey breast smothered in bacon gravy, top it with cranberry aioli and roasted garlic-parmesan mashed potatoes, and press it between — and here's the kicker — crispy stuffing cake buns.
The Speakeatery
Andrew Vermilyea, chef and owner of The Speakeatery, says he was was inspired to make a Thanksgiving sandwich that included stuffing without doubling up on the bread: "I decided why not just make the stuffing into the buns of the sandwich and kill two birds with one stone." At the restaurant, chefs mold the stuffing into two buns, then fry the buns to make them crispy.
The Speakeatery
The result is a compact tribute to Thanksgiving that has become extremely popular with customers. Vermilyea said the restaurant prepares up to 75 Turk Digglers a day and that they typically sell out within a couple of hours.
The Speakeatery
The Turk Diggler has been around for four years now. It's available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the beginning of September until the week before Thanksgiving. But this year, Vermilyea said he's having a special during the Monday to Sunday before the week of Thanksgiving. He's dubbed the seven-day blowout "50 Shades of Gravy." ("I don't know why, but I slap names on everything I do," he said.)
The Speakeatery
The Turk Diggler is $15 and is served with chips and a pickle. It's far from the only specialty sandwich at The Speakeatery. They've got The Hand Grenade, which is an entire barbecue meal in a sandwich (think smoked ribs, mac and cheese, beans, coleslaw and barbecue sauce between two buns). There's also the General Tso's Chicken Sandwich — a sandwich that features General Tso's-coated chicken and Asian coleslaw between sticky rice buns. Vermilyea also recently did a series of hamburgers dedicated to the original members of the Wu-Tang Clan (the name: "10 Chambers of Burger").
The Speakeatery
But this November, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more compact version of the Thanksgiving meal than the Turk Diggler.
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