Cops Get Call for ‘Vicious Dog,' But Officer Makes a New Friend Instead

Police in one Texas town say they got a call over the weekend for a “vicious dog,” but what officers found wasn’t quite what they expected.

Texarkana Texas Police Department said in a Facebook post that Officer Travis Frost first spotted the pooch, some sort of pit bull or American Bully named Gold, laying on somebody’s front porch. Frost, who acted cautiously, left the door open to his cruiser in case the “vicious” animal darted after him ready to attack. He then whistled at the dog, who quickly ran toward him.

But Gold wasn't ready to pummel Frost, he instead had his tail wagging, apparently wanting to make a new pal.

Texarkana Texas Police Department
Gold makes himself right at home

Frost pet the dog, and then Gold jumped into his patrol unit, making himself right at home. Frost and his new furry buddy just sat there, taking selfies until animal control arrived.

Gold was taken to an animal care center and picked up by his owner the next day.

“You shouldn’t automatically assume that all pit bulls are bad dogs,” the post read. “They might be really loving like this guy was.”

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