Teen Dies After Fall into Cesspool, Along With Man Who Tried to Save Him

Officials say the cesspool is 16 feet deep and was about half full of waste.

A 16-year-old boy who fell into a 16-foot-deep cesspool on Long Island has died, and so has the 19-year-old friend who jumped in to try and save him.

Suffolk County Police say Eduardo Vanegas-Fuentes, 16, and Edgar Calderon-Castro, 19, were in the backyard of a house in Farmingville Wednesday night when they removed the cesspool's cover, not knowing what it was.

Then Vanegas-Fuentes lost his footing and fell into the cesspool, which was about half full of waste, police said.

While a third friend ran into the house to call 911, Calderon-Castro jumped into the cesspool and grabbed the boy, who was unconscious.

He held him while grabbing onto a hose that the third friend threw into the pool, authorities said.

Fire department rescuers arrived and pulled them out, using a long pole with hooks on one end.

They were taken to Stony Brook Hospital, where they both died Thursday morning.

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