Michelle Kim

NYC Seventh-Grader Brings Gun to School: Police

A 13-year-old boy has been charged with a felony after police said he brought an unloaded gun at his Bronx middle school Thursday. 

School safety agents at Bronx Park Middle School found the revolver in the seventh grader's backpack Thursday morning, officials said.

Deparment of Education spokeswoman Toya Holness said police immediately responded and safely recovered the unloaded gun. 

"Students and staff are safe, families are being notified, and we are supporting the school to ensure appropriate follow-up action is swiftly taken," said Holness. 

The boy had allegedly told friends he would bring a gun to his school because he was being bullied, according to a law enforcement source. And his mother and older siblings told News 4 outside of the 49th Precinct stationhouse, where the boy was questioned Thursday, that he was the victim of taunting. 

But students and parents at the school tell News 4 it was the student with the gun who bullied others. One student who wanted to remain anonymous said he had a run-in with the teen last week.

"He was trying to threaten me in the bathroom, he was like pushing me on the wall," he said. 

The teen has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds, a felony.

Bronx Park Middle School does not have metal detectors.

The gun scare comes a week after a Bronx high school student stabbed two classmates, killing one of them.

The student told authorities he had been bullied, though family members of the victim and classmates dispute that the victims bullied the teen

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