Teen Who Sneaked Into WTC Tweets Apology: I Meant No Disrespect

A New Jersey teenager who sneaked into the World Trade Center and made his way to the top of the tower is apologizing if anyone's feelings were hurt, but not for the stunt itself.
A tweet Friday afternoon from the Twitter account of Justin Casquejo, 16, said: "I seriously apologize to anyone who may have been insulted or felt disrespected by my actions. It was not my intention to do so."
According to court papers, Casquejo said he crawled through a hole in the fence at the trade center site early Sunday morning, then got on an elevator and went to the 88th floor.

The teen then climbed the stairs to the 104th floor, where the New York Post says he passed a sleeping guard, went out to the roof and made his way up to the antenna.
Casquejo was caught when he came down about two hours later. He was taken into custody by Port Authority police and charged with misdemeanor trespassing. 
The company overseeing construction, leasing and management of the 104-story tower said in a statement that it has "undertaken a top-to-bottom review of our security at One World Trade Center."
Joe Dunne, chief security officer for the Port Authority, said any security breaches are taken seriously and will be prosecuted.

"We continue to reassess our security posture at the site and are constantly working to make this site as secure as possible," Dunne said.

-- Andrew Siff contributed to this report 

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