Long Island Students Suspended for Tebowing

School administrators said the Tebow-mania became a hallway hazard.

Some Long Island high school students got hit with one-day suspensions this week for Tebowing in the hallways -- a move that administrators said caused a safety hazard.

Twin brothers Tyler and Connor Carroll had been told by school officials not to mimic the signature move of the Denver Broncos quarterback in the hallways.

They said the move, in which the boys knelt and bowed their heads like Tim Tebow, caused a hazard because dozens of students would do it along with them.

The Riverhead High School students, however, claimed they were not warned about the potentially hazardous Tebowing and merely knelt in a tribute to the quarterback who has led his team to a 7-1 record as a starter this year thanks to 11th-hour heroics.

He’s also known for his strong religious beliefs and praying during games.

The brothers said they understood the safety concerns and would have stopped if told to do so.  They said they bowed to honor Tebow as "a role model and a winner."

Some 30 to 40 students ended up being involved in the mass Tebow move. A YouTube video shows the students shoving each other in the hallway.

School administrators said only the twin brothers would have to serve their suspensions because the others weren’t formally warned. They both play football and baseball for the school.

Connor Carroll served his suspension Friday and Tyler Carroll plans to do his time on Monday.

Their mother, Sherry Carroll, said the boys are "good kids who don't get in trouble. I am proud of them. They could have been doing a lot worse."

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