Computer Glitch Masked Thousands of Cab Driver Violations, City Agency Never Knew

Thousands of drivers accumulated enough violations to have licenses suspended or revoked, but the city did not know

Thousands of New York City cab drivers accumulated enough traffic violations for their licenses to be suspended or revoked but the city taxi agency never learned of the infractions because of a computer glitch, the agency said Tuesday.

"We get a weekly feed of Department of Motor Vehicle information, and over the years, some of the information didn't make it into our database," said Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky.

Officials said the problem had been fixed.

Meanwhile, some 4,500 drivers of yellow taxis and livery cabs, out of about 100,000 active drivers citywide, racked up enough points to get their licenses suspended or revoked, the TLC said. 

Drivers were being notified Tuesday.

The glitch was discovered after a taxi driver with nine points on his driving record ran down a tourist in midtown Manhattan last month, severing her leg. When a driver reaches six points, his license is subject to being suspended, but the TLC never learned of that driver's violations.

His license has since been suspended.

Drivers with 10 points can get their licenses revoked.

Officials said the missed violations that never transferred to the TLC date back at least a few years.

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