WNBC Newsroom Taste Tests Two New Oreo Flavors: Wasabi and Hot Chicken Wing

Some brave members of the WNBC newsroom agreed to try the cookies -- for the sake of journalism, of course

What to Know

  • Two new Oreo flavors have been released in China
  • The new flavors both pack a punch -- Wasabi and Hot Chicken Wing
  • While the Oreos are not available in the United States, we managed to get two boxes to try in the newsroom -- to mixed reactions

These are two Oreos that really need a glass of milk on the side -- but not for the usual reasons.

Mondelez International has released two new Oreo flavors, and they both come from the world of spice: Wasabi and Hot Chicken Wing.

These bold flavors are a follow-up to the Cherry Cola, Kettlecorn, and Pina Colada Oreos released earlier this year.

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The unique new flavors have only been released in China, and may prove difficult to find anywhere else. However NBC 4 managed to get its hands on a few boxes, so we decided to taste test them ourselves.

We asked members of our team to try each flavor and rate them on a scale of 1-10. Reactions were mixed, but one thing's for sure - it's not like any Oreo you've tried before! Watch the reactions in the video above.

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